Watercolour Fish

Create colourful fish using artists' watercolour techniques.  One pad of Roymac Rains Watercolour Paper can create over 35 fishes, so there's plenty of room to experiment.


What You'll Need

Product Code Description
2924080 Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Discs Brilliant
2470578 Roymac Rains Watercolour Paper
2966069 Roymac 1600 Series Paintbrushes

1 Use the first template provided to cut a fish out of the Roymac Rains Watercolour Paper.

2 Dip your brush into water and then rub it onto one of the discs to fill it with colour.

3 Begin dabbing paint onto your fish starting with a light colour.

4 Next, add more colours using light shades first through to dark. Bright contrasting colours tend to work best. Try not to mix the colours too much as this will make the colour look muddy.

5 To make your fish stand out, paint a darker colour around the edge.  Add an eye as a final touch to complete it.
  • Blend different colours in the lid of the watercolour discs to create new colours.
  • Let the first layer of paint dry and then apply more colours on top, and repeat again.
  • Try blending the colours of your fish from light to dark.  You could start with yellow at the head and then finish with red at its tail.
  • Paint a background colour first, let it dry, and then paint designs over top using other contrasting colours.
  • You can also complete this same activity using the bird template as well