Personalised Photo Frame

Make a personalised photo frame

Some of our most prized possessions are family photos which is why we’ve put together a DIY craft activity to display these fun, loving memories.

Other ways you can use these DIY frames include:

• As a birthday or anniversary present
• To display around your aged care home


What You'll Need

Product Code Description
2448564 29.2cm x 21cm texture craft EVA sheets
7605048 Marker
2014076 PVA glue Watercolour Paper
2902087 Rhinestones
1174304 Scissors
1152572 Blue Tac
1 Take your textured craft paper and cut the sides in a shape you like, for example, you make a wave pattern for an ocean look.
2 Taking your inner frame, glue it in the middle of a second textured craft EVA sheet.
3 Take a blank photo and stick in the middle of your frame.
4 Using a permanent marker, draw shapes of your choice on another sheet of EVA paper. You can decorate with flowers, stars or geometric shapes – the choice is yours!
5 Place rhinestones as buttons of flowers or extra decorations around the frame.
6 Evenly distribute your Blue Tac on the back of the frame (in the corners) so you can stick it on the wall and display your creation.

  • Use multiple sheets of EVA paper to create a 3D effect.
  • If you have any spare cardboard lying about create a stand for the frame and display your favourite photos on your bedside table.
  • You can even use your frame as a way to display your favourite postcards or artwork you’ve created!