Crepe Autumn Tree

Celebrate the change in season by creating a crepe autumn tree

These crepe autumn trees can be used as decorations and a range of different things, here are a few ideas:

• Decorate your communal lounge or dining area with your crepe autumn trees to create a crepe forest.
• Use it as a greeting card for birthdays.
• Create a crepe autumn tree for the grandchildren.


What You'll Need

Product Code Description
1387006 Rainbow Crepe Paper 500mm x 2.5m Brown
1386905 Rainbow Crepe Paper 500mm x 2.5m Orange
1386948 Rainbow Crepe Paper 500mm x 2.5m Red
1386980 Rainbow Crepe Paper 500mm x 2.5m Yellow
1484117 Rainbow A4 Poster Board Assorted Colours
1174304 Scissors
1221507 Glue Stick
1 Separate the brown, orange, red and yellow crepe sheets.
2 Loosely tear a few lengths of the brown crepe and twist the crepe together by rubbing your hands together with the crepe between them.
3 Curl the brown crepe around itself to form the trunk of the tree and pull out sections to make the branches. Glue down the trunk and branches to your backing board.
4 Tear off sections of the remaining colours to make the leaves. Don’t worry about being too precise, different sizes and shapes will mean a better look in the end.
5 Scrunch the remaining crepe down to create the look of the leaves. Play around with some layouts and once you’re happy with the placement, glue each section down in place.