Decorative Flower Pot

Aged Care Activity Plans

Make a Decorative Flower Pot

Residents can explore their creative sides with our decorative flower pot activity. Once finished, they can use it to plant seeds or a small plant.


What You'll Need

Product Code Description
1485490 Colorific Craft Pots Pack/10
2902087 Colorific Rhinestones Bumper Assorted Sizes & Colours Pack/700
2501791 Teter Mek Acrylic Paint Vibrant Colours Set/6
1281488 OfficeMax 2160 Series Flat Paintbrush Size No. 6
1281518 OfficeMax 2160 Series Flat Paintbrush Size No. 8
2014106 Paintbrush
  Potting mix, small plant or seeds, glue

1 First put down some old newspaper to prevent mess, and wear a smock or old clothes to protect clothing. Then source a small container of water to wash your brush in.

2 Paint each pot and saucer in any design you like and then leave to dry.

3 Once the paint on your pot has dried, glue on the rhinestones to make different patterns and leave to dry.

4 Fill pot with potting mix and add either plant or seeds.