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As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting Indigenous Australian communities, we have created a multi-tiered program in collaboration with the Teter Mek Foundation and Jasmin Herro. 

Over the course of three years, we have developed and launched two product ranges to support the Foundation. The Tjindgarmi range for workplaces and the Teter Mek range of art and craft products for schools. By purchasing from these ranges, you will be helping deliver positive outcomes for Indigenous Australians with funds raised from sales going directly back to the Foundation. Jasmin’s business, JHerro Pty Ltd, is Supply Nation certified (at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by Indigenous Australians) so while OfficeMax works closely with Jasmin and the Teter Mek Foundation to bring products to market in a commercially sustainable manner, we don’t have any have any ownership in JHerro Pty Ltd or any governing role in the Teter Mek Foundation.

The Teter Mek Foundation

The Teter Mek Foundation

Established by Jasmin Herro, a proud descendant of the Torres Strait Islands and vocal advocate for Indigenous business, the Teter Mek Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded to support the sharing and preservation of the rich diversity in Australian Indigenous culture through storytelling, art and education programs.

The Teter Mek Foundation champions programs for school children of all backgrounds in Australia to learn about and connect with their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community by bringing Indigenous stories and language to life through classroom learning materials.

The name, Teter Mek, is the Eastern Torres Strait Island word for ‘footprints’, and forms part of the title of Herro’s new book for children, ‘Teter Mek and the mystery of Pearl Shell Island’. The book is available for order through our website.

The Foundation also supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders pursuing an interest in Indigenous art with specially developed programs that encourage entrepreneurial skills and create opportunities for work.

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Teter Mek Range

Teter Mek Range

In collaboration with Jasmin, a new Art and Craft product range has been designed to feature Indigenous art and branded Teter Mek. The footprints are central to the design of the new packaging. Through the sales of this range, we are supporting the Teter Mek Foundation’s Indigenous education programs.

In addition to the Teter Mek range, we are working with Jasmin and schools across the country to develop lesson plans. Teachers can incorporate these lesson plans and additional future resources into the curricula for primary schools, supporting education of Indigenous storytelling.

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Tjindgarmi, pronounced: Jind–Gar–Me is a range of products for businesses exclusive to OfficeMax that directly supports the Teter Mek Foundation: for every product sold, a portion of the sale goes to the Foundation.

The Tjindgarmi range is decorated with unique contemporary Indigenous artwork and includes copy paper, washroom consumables, canteen supplies and furniture. It offers a fresh new look at Indigenous artwork with a meaningful and engaging story.

The Tjindagarmi range has a twofold purpose:

  • It offers a fresh new look at Indigenous artwork and raises awareness of the culture of the Torres Strait Islands by bringing it into everyday use;
  • And delivers positive outcomes for Indigenous Australians as a portion of every sale supports the Teter Mek foundation.

For many of our customers, we report on the purchases they’ve made from the Tjindgarmi and Teter Mek range. This enables customers to accurately track the proportion of their expenditure they make on Indigenous businesses products in line with their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) or Indigenous procurement plans.

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