NETGEAR ARLO VMA1200 Replaceable Black/Green/Camo Silicone Skins

Product Description
These NETGEAR ARLO VMA1200 Replaceable Multi-coloured Silicone Skins allow you to customise your Arlo security cameras to blend in with their surrounding environment for greater security. The Skins are made of UV & water resistant silicone for durability and protection, and perfectly shaped to fit your wireless Arlo security camera. The Black, Green, and Camo set of Skins are ideal for making cameras fade into the background in outdoor areas.

  • Replaceable Multi-coloured Silicone Skins for wireless Arlo security cameras
  • UV and water resistant
  • Modify Arlo security cameras to blend in with their surroundings
  • Includes one Black silicone skin, one Green silicone skin, one Camouflage skin, and one window decal
  • Black, Green, and Camo colours ideal for outdoor use
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