Office Portfolio Electric Sit-Stand Standesk Workstation Single Work Surface White

Product Description
The Office Portfolio Standesk is a height adjustable sit-stand workstation that converts your existing desktop into a sit-stand workstation. It features an electric motor for smooth movement with sensor touch buttons, which makes the lifting process effortless. This handy workstation gives you the ergonomic benefits of sitting and standing at your existing desk and is suitable for up to 3 monitor brackets. It adjusts in a vertical lime, eliminating any deviation and allowing for a minimum footprint on your existing desk.

  • Electric motor
  • Infinite height settings - adjusts in seconds
  • Sensor touch buttons make the lifting process effortless to adjust, even fully loaded
  • Adjustable nylon base levellers
  • Desktop area: 700x500x12mm
  • Desk height: 120 - 580mm
  • Desk load capacity: 500N (Around 50kg)
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