STEAM Makerspace Art Kit

Product Description
The STEAM Makerspace Art Kit is great for inspiring kids to learn a variety of fundamentals, as well as become creative while having fun. With A4 200gsm premium card, A4 120gsm Coloured Paper, A4 double sided corrugated board, A4 17gsm tissue paper, acrylic paint in assorted colours, Teter Mek tacky glue and a 50ml spray bottle, it provides children with everything they need to create their own masterpieces. This kit is ideal for use in classrooms and maker environments.

  • 200 OfficeMax A4 200gsm Premium card in assorted Colours
  • 500 OfficeMax A4 120gsm Paper in assorted colours
  • 120 OfficeMax A4 17gsm Tissue paperin assorted colours
  • 30 OfficeMax A4 Double Sided Corrugated Board in assorted colours
  • 6x 2L containers of OfficeMax Vibrant Acrylic Paint in assorted colours
  • 500ml Teter Mek Non-toxic Tacky Glue
  • 50ml Spray bottle
  • Ideal for STEAM learning
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