STEAM Makerspace Starter Kit

Product Description
The STEAM Makerspace Starter Kit is a fun way to inspire kids' interests in math, science, technology and engineering. With a white A3 Quill Polypropylene Signboard, UHU Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, Colorific Cardboard Rolls, Chenille Pipecleaners in assorted colours, EC Matchsticks and Balsawood Sheets, it allows children to become creative and have fun while learning. This kit is ideal for use in classrooms and maker environments.

  • 10W UHU Glue Gun
  • 10 clear UHU Glue Gun Sticks measuring 7.2mm each, which bonds within 60 seconds
  • White A3 Quill Polypropylene Signboard
  • 36 Colorific cardboard rolls measuring 120x30mm each
  • 50 Colorific Chenille Pipecleaners in assorted colours measuring 6x150mm each
  • Bag of 3000 EC Plain Matchsticks
  • No.3 school box of Balsawood Sheets
  • Ideal for STEAM learning
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