STEAM Sphero Action Pack

Product Description
STEAM Sphero Action Pack is perfect for inspiring your child to invent and be creative. With the Sphero SPRK+ children can learn to actively participate, complete activities, learn about programming and share their creations with society. The app-enabled robot features a scratch resistant, UV coated polycarbonate shell with a built-in LED glow. Has a 30-metre range, inductive charging base and is powered by the Lightning Lab App. The Pack includes accessories to help your SPRK+ robot with all-terrain traction, colour coding, exploring the elements in high gear. Test your skills by rolling, riding or ramping the rails.

  • Perfect for inspiring children to invent and be creative
  • Sphero SPRK+ robot
  • Blue Nubby Cover
  • Carbon Turbo Cover
  • Sphero Terrain Park with 5 configurations to create different challenges and obstacles
  • Ideal for STEAM learning
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