Tjindgarmi A4 80gsm White Copy Paper 100% Recycled, 5 Packs of 500

Product Description
High quality, 100% post consumer recycled paper.

Perfect for high speed copying, colour printing, double sided printing and both text and graphics.

By making a simple switch and purchasing Tjindgarmi, you'll receive high quality paper at a great price and contribute to building positive outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

  • 80gsm

  • 140 Cie Whiteness

  • 91% opacity

  • 100+ Archival years

  • Chlorine free process

  • 5 reams per carton

    When you purchase this or any Tjindgarmi-branded product, a percentage goes towards the Teter Mek Foundation. The Teter Mek foundation provides teaching resources and products to help students discover the rich and diverse culture of our Indigenous communities.
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