Tjindgarmi A4 80gsm Copy Paper, 5 Packs of 500

Product Description
Tjindgarmi A4 80gsm Copy Paper is a high white multipurpose copy paper for copiers, laser & inkjet printers.

  • ECF Elemental Chlorine free pulp, bleached without chlorine gas. Bleached with chlorine dioxide.
  • Water used in Manufacturing process is 95% recycled
  • Tjindgarmi Multipurpose is made from certified plantation timber.
  • 167 CIE
  • 80gsm

    When you purchase this or any Tjindgarmi-branded product, a percentage goes towards the Teter Mek Foundation. The Teter Mek foundation provides teaching resources and products to help students discover the rich and diverse culture of our Indigenous communities.

    PLEASE NOTE: Product is temporarily out of stock. Your order will be replaced with Winc 20% Recycled Carbon Neutral White Copy Paper. Your purchase will continue to benefit the Teter Mek Foundation.
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