Tjindgarmi Facial Tissue 2 Ply, Pack of 220

Product Description
Tjindgarmi Facial Tissues is a soft, 2 ply, hypoallergenic facial tissue. No inks, dyes, lotions or fragrances means Tjindgarmi facial tissues are suitable for users with sensitive skin.

  • Soft 2 ply hypoallergenic facial tissues
  • No inks, dyes, lotions or fragrances
  • Suitable for users with sensitive skin
  • 195 x 200 mm sheets
  • Sold in a pack of 220 sheets

    When you purchase this or any Tjindgarmi-branded product, a percentage goes towards the Teter Mek Foundation. The Teter Mek foundation provides teaching resources and products to help students discover the rich and diverse culture of our Indigenous communities.
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